The cat poo story

Poop. No matter what poop comes out of – it’s nasty… For all sandboxes, there is one major nemesis out there, the cat. We had cats growing up which we loved, unfortunately for the sandbox they were indoor / outdoor cats. But even worse, our sandbox didn’t have a cover. Back then, I was a kid and could care less if my sandbox had a cover, I just wanted to play in the sand so that’s what I did. First you start to dig, not with a shovel, with your fingers of course..deeper..deeper ahh yes, I have struck something of a slightly harder density. It’s weird feeling, not one of my matchbox cars and not an army dude, you pull out this little sand covered nugget and its a… poop. AHHH!! DISGUSTING! Surprisingly, after you find this little poo in the sandbox, it really doesn’t stink.. That must have impacted my decision making back then because I didn’t think much of it and threw the poo out of the sandbox and keep right on playing. The good old days, back then decisions were easy lol…

Today, your decision is also easy. I have designed a sandbox cover so simple my two year old could operate it. Not only does this sandbox cover keep those kitties out, it prevents leaves, sticks, acorns and other items from collecting in the sand. Most items that land on the cover will fall onto the ground as you reel it in. That’s right, easy to operate and instant storage, sandbox covers don’t get much more convenient than this. AND, the great news.. it can be modified to fit most square sandboxes under 9 1/2 feet in width. The current plans show a cover designed to fit an 8 foot x 8 foot sandbox.

sandboxes with lid

Sandbox Cover


This is not a life or death story.. and I know there are people who are more passionate about this issue than myself.  Do I think a cover is important, yes.  Should it stop you from building a sandbox, no. Just make sure everyone who used the sandbox washes their hands before eating an you should be good. If your interested in a much more serious perspective about cat poo and sandboxes, have a Google.

Visit the sandbox cover download page for more information on this cover solution and our other sandbox stations.

If your sandbox sand has already been contaminated with fecal matter here are links to documents details methods of cleaning the sand.

Child Care Facility Environmental Public Health Information Manual – page 22

Outdoor Play Area Standards Manual for Centre-Based Child Care  – pages 26, 27

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