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A cool feature (literally ūüôā ) of the¬†Adventure Sandbox is the shade cover. ¬†In the past, it was ideal to build a sandbox where there was a nice shady area. ¬†With this new shade cover design, your sandbox can be installed in the shade or sun. ¬†As you can see from the picture below, the cover is high enough to allow for morning sunlight and afternoon shade. ¬†This is important because ultraviolet rays from the sun act as a¬†powerful disinfectant and help to keep the sand smelling¬†sweet and sanitary. An ideal location for you sandbox is a¬†area¬†that has morning sun and afternoon shade in the summer.

Limiting exposure to the sun is important for everyone. ¬†Shade covers give you that extra piece of mind knowing the kids playing in the sandbox aren’t in direct contact with the Sun’s¬†midday UV rays. ¬†Additionally, on hot days it can be up to 20 degrees cooler in the¬†shade. ¬†This means that kids can play longer, safer from UV, are cooler and most importantly, having more fun.


Build a sandbox with these easy to follow plans. Visit our testimonial page for customer comments

The Adventure Sandbox

Just in case the summer is still too hot, a mist system is also designed into the plans!  This system is easy to add on and is designed with a shut off valve so you can decide when the time is right.

These plans can be yours for only: 


Up next:  The water Station    Talk about the ultimate beach in your backyard!


Sandbox plans compete with shade cover and toybox. Water station and misters can also be added

The Adventure Sandbox by Mr. Mallory with shade cover and toybox

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