Sand and Water


We loved getting the hose out while we played in the sand.

I remember the days when my brothers and I spent afternoons elbow deep in the sandbox, making sandcastles, volcanoes, diverting “rivers” and building epic dams. We loved playing in the sandbox with our trucks, action figures and matchbox cars, but adding water just made everything more fun!

The water station is an easy way to install a child friendly water source. These plans show you how to incorporate water features that please both children and adults. Just having the water easily available will be enough to make your child happy. When I was young, all I had to do was drag the hose to the sandbox and turn that baby on, FULL POWER, for hours!! I loved it, back then I didn’t pay a water bill and had no worries about the mess I was creating. It wasn’t long before everything was flooded and I was soaked, those were the days! 🙂 Fast forward 20 years and now I’m a parent. I still want to give my boys a similar experience, the water feature needed to be more carefully designed to fit into the landscape and I wanted to control the water usage. Every once in a while we still drag the hose out to the sandbox but most of the time they fill their buckets and dump trucks using the water station. By incorporating features such as water faucets that shut off automatically, these plans will lead to sand and water features that keep everyone in the family smiling.

Up next:  The sandbox cover building plans.

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