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Do it yourself sandbox cover


Sandboxes your kids will love! Easy to use cover and reel system keeps play area clean

The Adventure Sandbox with cover by Mr. Baute

In 2006, I designed a sandbox cover that utilized a reel system for The Sahara sandbox. Ten years later it still works great, the only real drawback was cost. In 2014, I decided to redesign the sandbox and wanted to incorporate a more affordable cover and reel system without sacrificing quality. The Adventure Sandbox plans include this new cover and reel design, saving you hundreds of dollars in materials. The reel design is very robust and customizable, easily one of best solutions you can find for a large sandbox cover.

Sandbox covers should be effective and easy to use. SANDigz cover design fits tightly around the perimeter of the sandbox and prevents cats and other animals from entering. Easy to remove elastic cords secure the cover, allowing young children the option of opening and closing the sandbox. Cord tension can be adjusted if you wish to control when sandbox play is allowed.

SANDigz sandbox cover is designed using a mesh material which prevents leaves and other debris for mixing with the sand, while allowing rain water to pass thru. Mesh covers also allow air flow, helping to dry the sand and deter mold and mildew growth. Additionally, sunlight will penetrate the mesh and contact the sand, working as a natural disinfectant. When it’s time to open the sandbox, simply reel in the cover and watch the sticks and leaves fall off.

The SANDigz sandbox cover design can be modified to fit most sandboxes under 9 ½ feet in width and length. This cover has been design to protect large sandboxes. If you have a sandbox under 6 foot in width and length, components should be downsized to keep the design looking proportional.

Our sandbox cover plans are affordable and can save you a great deal of time.

Here are some additional thoughts for you to consider as you select a cover style:

  • Wooden sandbox covers can be heavy and difficult to store
  • Sandbox covers that can be folded into seats take up valuable play area
  • Pivoting cover can easily lead to injuries / pinch points
  • You should be able to step on the cover without it breaking
  • Tarp style covers can easily be punctured by falling branches, dogs or kids
  • Rainwater can collect on tarps making it difficult to open
  • Debris should be easy to remove
  • Covers should be robust enough to protect the sand for years


Don’t let this happen to your sandbox 😮

sandbox tarp cover

“waterproof tarp is NOT a good cover”

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