Best sledding hills in Michigan!

sandbox-snow-covered, time to find some sledding hills

The Sahara sandbox snow covered


sledding hills at Cascade Township Park

Time for the boys and I to hit some sledding hills as we wait for the sandbox to thaw.  Since we don’t have good hills within walking distance of the house, I spent some time searching and developed the map shown below which lists some great sledding hills in Southwest Michigan.  As you will see from the map, most of the sledding hill locations shown are around Grand Rapids, MI.  About two thirds of the locations listed have youtube videos so you can evaluate the hill for yourself.

Feel free to leave comments if you know of another location or if I have a marker in the wrong location. Eventually I would like to have the hills ranked by icon color

White = Beginner : Light blue = Intermediate : Dark blue = Expert.



“The Bone Breaker”


If you’re only interested in the most dangerous (fastest) sledding hills around, check out the list below the map.  I have a feeling some of the sand dunes around Lake Michigan will take the prize.





Sledding Hills

To view the map full screen, use this link.

Since I haven’t been to all of these locations, I need you opinions to help develop the list below.  Where is your best sledding hill?  Leave a comment if you know of a sledding hill that should added to the map and please note of there are trees or other obstacles you should avoid while sledding.   Eventually, I  would like to rank the top twenty sledding hills in the area.  Locations are pretty easy to add and edit so feel free to leave your feedback.


King of the sledding hill:

  1. Tunnel Park
  2. Deadman’s Hill
  3. Old Ski Hill (private property?)




From personal experience, I can tell you all it takes is one small ice covered hill and a nice curb to break a butt bone so be careful!  Of course, I was only “testing” it for the safety of the children. 🙂

If the hill is on private property, check with property owners before sledding and follow all local laws and regulations.  SANDigz is not liable for how you may choose to use this information.

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