Words from some of the customers who have purchased The Adventure Sandbox plans.

The Adventure Sandbox by Mr Laurita. Wonderful fit and finish, looks like some high quality sand also. Great build!

“Thank you for your designs and drawings. It took me a little bit of time to read through them thoroughly and understand them but once I did it was much easier than I had anticipated.

Mr. Laurita October 13, 2016



“Fantastic design. Easy to follow instructions. And the links to items to purchase on Amazon were extremely useful.
Our daughter loved it and our older daughter was jealous that we never got her something as cool for her birthday.
Thanks again for a solid design. It saved me hours of searching and headaches.

Mr. Poletto  July 3, 2016

Wonderful work by Mr. Laffitte, check out his comments on our testimonial page :-)

Wonderful work by Mr. Laffitte, check out his comments on our testimonial page 🙂

 “I thoroughly loved my experience with SANDigz. The plans were very well thought out and the shopping list linked to Amazon saved me so much time shopping for the right components. I would highly recommend these plans to a friend, as they greatly helped me to plan out and be methodical about the build. I am not an experienced carpenter and all the planning and layouts made it easy to move through the process.
Great job with the plans and with the follow up via email- I used it a few times to check on some additional questions that came up.”

Mr. Laffitte  June 6, 2016

The Adventure sandbox built by Mr Hoogland. Seems like a perfect location for the sandbox, AWESOME build!

The Adventure sandbox built by Mr Hoogland. Seems like a perfect location for the sandbox, AWESOME build!

“thanks for the drawings.  I am in the process of building the sandbox, cover, and toy chest and really love how well laid out the instructions are.”

Mr. Hoogland  May 5, 2016, Canada

Sandboxes your kids will love! Easy to use cover and reel system keeps play area clean

The Adventure Sandbox with cover by Mr. Baute

“A very happy customer here from southwest Wisconsin.  I finished up the 8×8 sandbox + tarp cover last week, and just returned to purchase plans for the toybox, which wife is suggesting so that metal trucks and other toys do not rust.  Thanks for these great set of plans.  It was a fun and easy build.  Your plans are very detailed and easy to follow.”

Mr. Baute  June 30, 2015, Wisconsin

Sandbox plans compete with shade cover and toybox. Water station and misters can also be added

The Adventure Sandbox by Mr. Mallory with shade cover and toybox

“Just finished it. Took me 50 hours to do it all myself lumber and material shopping included. Most of that was ground prep work. Will stain it when it dries out. Haven’t done the cover yet. Plans were worth it!!!!!! Thank you! I’ve never done anything like this so plans helped. My twin three-year-olds just went inside after playing in the sandbox for the first time. They watched from the back porch my building it all last week. Thanks again Chris. A few people have seen the box and I’ve told them where they can find your plans on your website. I respect the time you put in and will not share the my copy of the plans with anyone.”

Mr. Mallory  June 27, 2015, Kentucky

wooden sandbox design, easy to follow assembly instructions.

The Adventure Sandbox by Mr. Hobaugh

“I thought they were great.  Very detailed.  The hyperlinks are very valuable.  I hope to start in the next few months.”
*updated – 5/27/2014 – with an in process build picture

Mr. Hobaugh  March 16, 2014, Pennsylvania

SANDigz covered sandbox plans | Simple Do it yourself instructions and drawings

Adventure Sandbox

“Looks pretty good, parts list will be very helpful I think!! I’m gonna start the build in a few weeks hopefully. Looks cool though!!!  Very detailed, and will probably be well worth the $…”

Mr. Clark  March 25, 2014, Pennsylvania

Adventure Sandbox Design, easy digital download. Get your plans instantly after your purchase

The Adventure Sandbox

“I built the sandbox last week for my 2 & 3 year old boys, and it’s awesome! Thanks again for the attention to detail blueprints!”

Mr. Ziegler  May 15, 2014

Sandbox Cover easily adapts to your sandbox. Light weight, breathable mesh perfect for your sand pit

Sandbox Cover

“the plans look great and very user friendly.”

Mr. Eszes  July 24, 2014, Michigan



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